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03 Aug

A quick lunch stop

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Last month, not only I went to visit my family in Spain but I also made a few trips in Spain itself. We went to Castilla-La Mancha to visit Alguien’s family. On our way we felt hungry so we decided to stop in a place we know in the highway to his town and share a quick lunch.

Everytime I go to a new cafeteria or bar, I always order a pincho de tortilla de patatas by deffault. Normally the tortilla de patatas in a signature food in every place in Spain, as every home, each cook has their way of making it. So I feel in the obligation of ordering it, poor me ;-)

This tortilla de patatas was delicious. It was still juicy in the inside, but perfectly cooked in the surface. And it was quite thick which is a sign of some expertise cooking tortillas! I cannot make it this thick!

The first dish you see is pisto manchego with a fried egg on top. Pisto is very similar to the ratatouille but it doesn’t contain any eggplant and it has cumin, which makes it very special.

Not all the places in the middle of a highway look like this, but this one is nice, I must say. It was reaaally warm outside, but because we have a dog, there was the only place we could stay.

And to finish, this last picture, which shows one of the most common views when you drive to the South of Spain… Everything DRY, yellow.

  1. August 4th, 2013 at 19:54 | #1

    Everything looks delicious. Although I am surprised to read that pisto does not contain eggplant… actually, eggplant IS what makes pisto in my book! Is that the difference between pisto *manchego* and plain pisto? I had never heard of cumin making its way into pisto, either, but I’ll gladly give it a try next time :^)

  2. Ana
    August 30th, 2013 at 08:57 | #2

    I have never had pisto with eggplant. But, well, you know there is a wide assortment (and discussion hehe) of how to cook everything in Spain ;-) Eggplant (in my mind, at least) is supposed to be added in ratatouille, the french versin of pisto.
    I have a big portion of familia manchega and what I have always seen is that tomatoes and zucchinis are the most important proportion to make different pistos. Last time I ate pisto was almost pureed and super sweet, I was quite surprised!! (and didn’t like it that much… but a lot of people did).
    Try with cumin!! I love it!! :-)

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